Trustee Elections 2014

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Local trustee elections allow the community an important opportunity to lead and oversee our valuable investment in public education. Trustees are hardworking community leaders who come together in the context of a Board in support of student success. The work is demanding but important and rewarding.

BC is a large and diverse province with different priorities, needs, and special requirements in a variety of areas. School trustees work through their Boards to address these local needs. Trustees serve as liaisons to various community groups and organizations, reporting back to the rest of the Board. In some districts, they may be named as liaisons to schools in their district and attend Parent Advisory Council meetings at these schools.

The British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA) is a provincial voice for trustees and Boards of Education in our province. We offer trustees and school districts support and act as a provincial advocate for public education.

Below, you will find resources that will help new and returning school trustees in the upcoming civic elections.

Download: The Guide for 2014 School Trustee Candidates

Trustee Elections Bulletin:

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Election Resources:

PSA: Vote for School Trustees on November 15