Less than 80 Days Until the BC General Election: Key Actions to Help Us Make An Impact

Public education leaders understand the social, economic and cultural empowerment that comes with making public education our number one priority, and with the provincial election just a little less than 80 days away, the urgency to ensure that our candidates understand the issues that are important to us continues to grow.

Public education is the key to a strong economy, a skilled work force, world class health care, environmental stewardship, restorative justice, truth and reconciliation, peace, understanding and a civil society, and voters must make it our priority issue this election. BCSTA is inviting everyone to participate in 10 Key Actions to help put public education front and centre in the lead-up to Election Day.

We have rolled out the first three Key Actions, now, it’s up to you to engage your candidates, district staff, sector leaders and community members.


Tell us: Why is public education the key?

You may answer this question as a board of education, or you may cite personal examples, effects you’ve seen in your district, your workplace, your community, your family, and yourself. Post your answers on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #bcedkey, or email them to gollero@bcsta.org.




This week, in preparation for our Sector Leader’s Speaker Series event at Provincial Council, we’d like to ask you to engage sector leaders in your community and ask them about how PUBLIC EDUCATION has made an impact in their sector and what our elected officials can do to improve our public education system to better cater to them and the workforce.

Post your messages/conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #bcedkey,  or email them to gollero@bcsta.org.



If people are new Canadians, new residents to BC, moved to a new riding or are now of voting age we want to make sure they are registered to vote and so does Elections BC.

For Key Action 3, we ask you to make sure your district staff, family and community members are registered to vote.

Elections BC will actively look to register voters throughout the province. Registration drives will be held in each electoral district, in shopping malls, community centres, and door-to-door in some areas. If you’re not on the list, i.e. did not receive a voter card, register online at elections.bc.ca/ovr, or by phone 1-800-661-8683. Registration is open until midnight on April 11th. Election day is May 9th.

Take photos of your friends registering to vote. Post your photos/messages/conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #bcedkey,  or email them to gollero@bcsta.org.


Stay engaged and watch out for the next Key Actions in the coming week. Don’t forget to spread the word and share this information with your board and district.

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