Progress Report: An update on BCSTA AGM 2015 resolutions

Following the 2015 BCSTA Annual General Meeting, the board of directors as well as BCSTA staff met in a series of strategic planning sessions to set the direction for next year’s work based on the motions member trustees passed.

On the following link, is a tracking report of the activities that have taken place to support these AGM resolutions, but BCSTA would also like to share some of the important highlights below.

BCPSEA has, at the request of BCSTA, introduced a new advisory committee that includes seven trustee representatives chosen on a regional basis. Although creation of the advisory committee falls short of BCSTA’s assertion that trustee governance must be fully restored to its employers’ association, it is a significant step forward in providing boards of education direct input to provincial labour relations and human resource decisions. This does not mean, however, that BCSTA will stop advocating for a final resolution to a provincial bargaining structure, but it does strengthen its position of the rightful inclusion of trustees in their own employers association.

Last spring, trustees were frustrated by the lack of consultation and input we were being provided by the Ministry of Education and other parts of government. Since BCSTA’s April AGM, a number of positive changes have taken place. There are now regular and frequent calls and meetings with the Minister and Deputy Minister to discuss issues and initiatives before decisions are made. BCSTA’s board of directors now meets with the Ministry executive team for an extended time every three months.

All of these meetings have dealt with significant issues of concern to BCSTA and member boards. Finances and spending, implementation of new curriculum and procedures, shared services, local decision making and accountability have all been discussed, and actions have resulted. We have made significant progress toward ensuring the voice of boards of education is heard and considered before government makes significant decisions.

BCSTA remains in discussion with the Ministry of Education as to the formal operationalization of the MOU.  Guidelines are being established as to how co-governance should and must operate. While BCSTA may not support all of the decisions of government, it is establishing an agreement on how consultation, co-development and interaction must take place. When finalized, the association will have the policies and procedures in place to ensure co-governance of the K-12 education system operates as it should.

This is just a small cross-section of the many issues that matter to the BCSTA membership. Through AGM and Provincial Council resolutions, member boards help guide BCSTA’s important work for the year ahead.

Thank you for your contributions to our advocacy efforts, and for all the hard work that you have already put in during the 2015/2016 school year.

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